Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lyme Disease or Oral Spirochetosis?

I went to the dentist the other day because a tooth had been bothering me.  To my surprise, the x-ray indicated that all of my teeth were in good standings and no cavities were present.  My dentist proceeded to check my tooth anyway, and to her surprise I had a “tiny” cavity.  The next day I went back to have a filling put in and once she started drilling she was stunned by how large the cavity was and yet nothing had shown up on my x-ray.  She said she has NEVER seen something like that on a patient before.  The cavity was almost to the root of my tooth yet NOTHING showed up.  This video really has me questioning whether all of my teeth could be doing the same thing right now and yet the dentist has no way of knowing other than me keeping track of what tooth hurts and bringing it to their attention.  Lyme disease can obviously cause some serious yet undetectable damage.

Description of this video:  A husband, wife and their child is diagnosed with Lyme disease. The all had oral spirochetes in their gingival sulcus. Is it Lyme disease or Oral Spirochetosis?

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