Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sjogren’s Syndrome (An Autoimmune Disease)

So today I was looking through my lab results and found that my numbers were out of range for “Sjogren’s Syndrome”.  Sjogren’s Syndrome is basically an “autoimmune disorder” where your immune system attacks your moisture glands within your body.  This is the second “Auto-Immune” disease that I have been diagnosed with; the first being Hashimoto’s Disease.

Why is it that “doctors” know that these autoimmune disorders exist, yet they are determined that “nothing” is the cause of your immune system attacking different parts of your body?  I’m starting to really wonder if these doctors are really that stupid, or is it that they KNOW that something within your body is causing this attack, yet they do not want to admit it with knowing that it’s a long road to recovery and they just don’t feel like messing with it.  My theory is, Lyme is so hard to detect in one’s body.  So much so that when it attacks your body, your body actually recognizes that something is trying to break it down so it goes out for the punch but the Lyme is just way to advanced in its hiding skills that the body defeats itself.

I truly am convinced that LYME DISEASE is what causes Autoimmune Diseases….Yep…I said it.  I’d be willing to put my whole life savings & earnings on it.  Your immune system was developed to protect your body…Lyme is playing a big evil game and trying to convince your body to attack itself… reminds me of a horrible horror story of a person who see’s some thing crawling under their skin so they cut and cut and cut until they end up demolishing their identity and the illness wins.  I refuse to let Lyme win.

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